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Sun, 03 Sep 2017 - 06:19 GMT

Photo courtesy of Bey2ollak Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Bey2ollak Facebook page

CAIRO - 3 September 2017: Living in one of the most overpopulated cities in the world means being stuck in traffic is a daily struggle. Since 2010, award-winning Egyptian startup Bey2ollak has been working to ease the pain of these overwhelming traffic jams by providing community-generated insight on road traffic status.

Some 1.3 million Egyptian motorists already use Bey2ollak as a platform to exchange traffic data, but the application, —which was launched around the time of the Egyptian revolution “because there was lack of safety in the country and a lot of cars accidents,” Waleed Mostafa, co-founder and current operations manager at Bey2ollak tells Egypt Today—has also developed a number of features helping understand and apply road safety measures, as well as enabling easy access to report accidents.

“S.O.S El7a2ny” allows users to quickly report accidents by giving easy access to emergency numbers such as police, fire department or road emergency services.

Another recently introduced safety feature is Bey2ollak’s voice note, which allows users to access information about traffic without having to type.

People can also report about traffic using the GPS, integrated in the application, without having to text or even use the voice note. “The GPS feature is safer for the driver; however, it might not be as efficient as the voice note or the text,” Mostafa says.

According to Mostafa, Bey2ollak is also set to contribute in a road safety campaign with the World Health Organization (WHO), aiming to spread awareness among “the huge base of users that they could influence.”

Bey2ollak covers all routes in Cairo and Alexandria and is available on iphone, and android. The application’s Facebook and twitter accounts also actively share traffic news, pictures, videos, information about road problems and safety alerts.



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