How did Egypt's Fustat city turn into a tourist attraction?


Sun, 07 Mar 2021 - 12:36 GMT

Sour Magra el Oyoun area - CC

Sour Magra el Oyoun area - CC

CAIRO -6 March 2020: The Egyptian state is implementing several national projects to restore the cultural façade through re-planning slum areas and converting them into tourist attractions.


Among the projects under implementation is the recycling project for the Fustat region, located behind El-Ayoun stream in Old Cairo.


Egypt today reviews the most important ongoing projects in Fustat, Cairo Governorate:

  • Work is underway to develop El-Ayoun stream wall surrounding Al-Fustat after removing the slums.
  • Ain El Sira development project is being implemented near the Museum of Civilizations.Buildings for recreational, commercial and cultural activities will be constructed near El-Ayoun stream.
  • As a first stage, 70 housing units will be constructed behind El-Ayoun stream wall.
  • The total number of units being implemented behind El-Ayoun stream wall is about 1286 units.
  • Residents of slums settlements behind El-Ayoun stream wall will be transferred to alternative units in the coming stages.
  • The tanneries located behind El-Ayoun stream wall were transferred to the city of Al-Roubiky before the start of the project.





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