leaked video for fugitive Mohamed Ali shows him asking for €100K in exchange for offensive video against Egypt


Thu, 01 Oct 2020 - 09:18 GMT


CAIRO-1 October 2020: In a leaked video call between Egyptian wealthy fugitive Mohamed Ali and other anonymous person; he asked for 100 thousand euros in exchange for shooting an offensive video against Egypt and President Abdel Fatah al Sisi, aiming to sell it to Qatar.

“Let’s shoot a one-minute promo video, and show it to the Qataris. They adore me and hate Sisi; besides they have a lot of money and will buy it” Ali said to the anonymous person during their video call. He added that when they see the promo, they will agree to buy it; “when we take the money, will start shooting and later on sell it to other media platforms, which means more money” Ali added.




“This is the only call between me and you, in the second one, you will send me the money so we can sign the contracts.” Ali told the other person who remained anonymous during the 3-minute leaked call.

He added explaining, “So, basically we will make the promo, show it to Qataris, take the money and later start shooting so we won’t waste any money. Set Qatar as your target. They have a lot of money. When they ask you about our identities say that we are foreigners, don’t mention me, and when we take the money, we will make a good movie, so everyone will see us online” Ali told his partner.

He noted that the money they will take from the Qataris will secure a good life for his children and that he won’t need to work anymore in his life.

A history of fraud

This however, not his first incident to deceive others in order to make money; even if he has to make offensive videos against his own country. Since arriving in Spain after fleeing Egypt, local reports revealed that Ali is facing several charges including promoting fake real estate investment projects in Barcelona, illegal smuggling of large amounts of money in foreign currencies to Spain, money laundering, and tax evasion.




The reports added that up to three Spanish companies helped Ali in his illegal crimes, through contracts worth € 200 thousand to facilitate an illusory project in Barcelona.

According to the details published by several Spanish reports, Ali arrived in Spain in 2018 with a ‘golden visa’ which means [accommodation in exchange for investments of €500,000], this visa was launched in Spain in 2013 according to goldenvisas website.

“An investment of €500,000 in real estate will gain family residency. The Spanish investor visa can be renewed every two years. After five years it is possible to gain permanent residency and after ten years citizenship. It is not necessary to live in Spain in order to retain and renew the residency visa permit.” The website explained.

The Spanish reports added that Ali was looking for fame after his arrival, and that several companies and mangers helped him to teach his goal; however, shortly he bought another office in Palo Alto, Barcelona; which helped him to get a fake image to promote himself.

Later on- those who helped Ali after his arrival in Spain including Chancellor Raphael Salanova admitted that they had been defrauded.

Salanova is considered one of the famous businessmen in Barcelona. His commercial track record places him at the helm of Universal Proyectos.

But what role did he play with Mohamed Ali? He had promised to provide him with foreign investors to finance the fake project, according to the same sources.

The text of the contract that we have seen is that the cost should be paid in 10 installments, each of 50,000 euros, in addition to sales tax.




In conjunction with the signing of the contract between Ali and Salanova, the Egyptian wealthy man searched for an engineering complex that would design the fake project.

The owner of the office stated that he had worked with Ali without going into any details. But the information we wanted we found in the contract that the two parties signed. Ali insisted that he obtain the design of converting part of the triple chimney area to a pyramid, but the "careful" office handed him a project to build a multi-purpose theme park in more than one site in the region of Catalonia.

As for the price, it was 30,000 euros paid according to the agreement, which is written in the investment project documents.


Winning favors with Spanish officials


Spain’s cronica global website, also revealed that Ali, tried to bribe several Spanish officials to win illegal privileges for his project which called Three Kings parade long with making illegal reform in his villa in Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona).

The reports said that Ali “tried to win the favors of the independence mayor in the Catalan town where he remains fled from his country.”

It was added that “the businessman, injected 6,000 euros into the 2019 Three Kings parade while undertaking a major illegal reform in his villa in Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona). The City Council, led by Jordi Mir, from Junts per Catalunya (JXCat), accepted the amount, but ended up inspecting the manager's mansion, sanctioning him and forcing him to tear down an irregular extension.”

The report also explained that in a contract signed between Aly and the City Council dated December 19, 2018, the local administration accepted their collaboration in the Parade with a chariot in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid. The municipal government accepted for the "public and collective interest" of this assembly. The actor and celebrity promised to build the float and pay about 13,000 euros for the parade of their Magical Majesties.

Aly also tried to get closer to get himself closer to the Cabrera de Mar independence government by photographing himself with the mayor, Jordi Mir, and the deputy mayor for Urban Planning, Núria Pera (JxCat).







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