Governmental neighborhood in Egypt's New Capital completed by 95%: official


Tue, 18 Aug 2020 - 12:19 GMT

FILE - New Administrative Capital model

FILE - New Administrative Capital model

CAIRO – 18 August 2020: Spokesperson of the New Administrative Capital (NAC) Khaled al-Husseiny stated in a phone-in Monday that the governmental neighborhood is completed by 95 percent.


The neighborhood consists of 31 massive buildings that are established to host 31 ministries, public enterprises, the Cabinet, and the parliament. Husseiny said that the interior finishing is being done, and that utilities - like electricity, water, natural gas, and smart infrastructure – are being introduced in the buildings.


In the beginning of 2021, tests will be carried out as well as the allocation of offices so as all ministries move by mid-2021 in compliance with the instructions of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.  


The official revealed that the tallest tower in Africa located in NAC is completed by 30 percent, and that the height reached until present is 200 meters. The tower is planned to be 387 meters high.


As for the artificial river dubbed "The Green River" extending over 35 kilometers and having a width of 500 meters to one kilometer, the first phase composing 10 percent of the project is finished by more than 30 percent. A park and entertainment services will be established on the river banks.  


Husseiny underlined that NAC is a smart city adopting the 5G technology, and that its telecommunication network will be managed by Telecom Egypt. He added that the state's treasury's funding to NAC is 0 as desert lands are being sold to investors after introducing utilities and achieving appropriate planning. 



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