Egypt’s proposal on GERD fair, comprehensive: Irrigation Ministry


Mon, 06 Jul 2020 - 04:09 GMT

CAIRO – 6 July 2020: Egypt’s proposal on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is fair, comprehensive and sustainable, that can achieve development and conserve water resources; Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation spokesperson Mohamed al-Sebaay said.

He added in statements, Monday to Sky News that GERD talks still have fundamental points of disagreement between all three countries.

Sebaay added that an agreement still could be reached on GERD that guarantees that no party will violate the other parties’ rights.

He noted that talks will resume, Monday with the presence of observers from the European Union, the United States, the African Union and some experts.

The Sudanese Ministry of Water Resources said, Monday the country has submitted illustration for its views and main milestones of tripartite negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam since 2011.

This came in a meeting between the Sudanese side and a team of observers backed by the African Union, with the participation of the European Union and the United States.

Sudan also explained the effect of the massive dam on Sudan and other nations based on Sudanese studies in this regard. It also reviewed the limited controversial points that can be overcome by negotiations.

In June, the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the UN Security Council (UNSC) to call on all parties engaged in the Ethiopian dam talks to refrain from unilateral measures that may affect regional and international peace and security as well as to support Sudan’s efforts to resume the dam talks in good faith to reach a comprehensive agreement satisfying all parties.

Egypt’s Water Resources Minister on Sunday has introduced an Egyptian proposal on the dam, aiming at ensuring the Ethiopian goal of generating electricity and, at the same time, avoiding any harm to the Egyptian and Sudanese interests.

This comes within the framework of implementing the 2015 Declaration of Principles in this regard, in a way that ensures relevant principles of international law are applied, an official statement read, as the minister, heading an Egyptian team, has met with international observers and experts.

During the meeting, the Egyptian side said the country has not rejected any developmental projects on Nile River, including Ethiopian projects, adding that Egypt supports efforts of the Nile Basin countries to meet the aspiration of their peoples.

The Egyptian side has also reviewed the country’s situation concerning water, affirming that the GERD issue is existential to Egypt. It also highlighted Egypt’s keenness to reach a fair and balanced agreement on the dam, which takes into consideration the interests of the three countries.







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