Running the tap for 20 seconds wastes 60 liters of water a day


Sat, 16 May 2020 - 10:42 GMT

Washing hands- CC via Pixabay/ivabalk

Washing hands- CC via Pixabay/ivabalk

CAIRO - 16 May 2020: “Leaving the tap running for 20 seconds to wash your hands waste 50-60 liters of water a day,” said the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, calling upon people who constantly wash hands against the new coronavirus (COVID-19) should rationalize water consumption.

“It is better to turn off the tap when you wash your hands with soap and re-open it only when needed,” the ministry said as a part of its environmental campaign “Live Green.”

In early April, the environment said that medical waste of face masks and gloves should be washed before being disposed of, in a bid to prevent passing the novel Coronavirus (C0VID-19) to the garbage collectors.

As per the ministry instructions, the used gloves and face mask should be washed with water and soap for 20 seconds, and then be cut into small parts to prevent re-using them. Finally, it is safe to dispose of them inside a plastic bag.

The “Live Green” initiative focuses on the youth’s role in protecting their environment, the minister said in her speech at the World Youth Forum in Sharm el Sheikh on December 12, 2019, adding that the government targets a 50-percent decrease of the solid particle pollution rate by 2030.

Egypt's per capita share of water declined to 570 m3 per year in 2018, said the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) in April 2019.

Egypt suffers from an annual 21 billion cubic meters gap between water consumption and production. The consumption reached 110 billion cubic meters, while Egypt currently has 60 million cubic meters annually, announced Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdel Atti in October 2018.



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