Egypt’s Mediterranean shores closed to curb COVID-19 spread


Sat, 28 Mar 2020 - 10:51 GMT

Alexandria beach- CC via Wallpaper Flare

Alexandria beach- CC via Wallpaper Flare

CAIRO - 28 March 2020: Egypt’s shores in Alexandria and Damietta along the Mediterranean Sea, besides South Sinai beaches, will be closed as a preventive measure to curb the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Alexandria governor Mohamed al-Sherif decided to close the shores after many people went there and violated the hygienic and medical measures.

Meanwhile, Governor of South Sinai Khaled Fouda decided to close all the beaches across the governorate until further notice. Violators of the decision will be subject to deterrent penalties.

Damietta Governor Manal al-Awad also ordered the closure of the Lesan Area [a touristic destination in Ras al-Bar], saying the decision will come into force on Saturday.

Egypt’s Health Ministry announced Friday that 41 new cases have tested positive for the virus, bringing the total number of infections in Egypt to 536.

The Egyptian government has taken gradual steps in dealing with the coronavirus spread, starting from banning the study at schools and universities and suspending the international flights to mid-April. A partial curfew was imposed, while all restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, casinos, night clubs, bars, shopping centers (malls), and other local shops shut down completely until April 14, 2020.



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