Northern Military Region partakes in Qader 2020 drills


Sun, 12 Jan 2020 - 02:41 GMT

Press photo of Qader 2020 drills

Press photo of Qader 2020 drills

CAIRO - 12 January 2020: The Northern Military Region (NMR) has conducted a number of drills in Qader 2020 maneuver in cooperation with the Naval Force, the Special Forces, and the Border Guard.

As part of Qader 2020, which includes land, naval and air exercises, the NMR units carried out a drill on securing the Mediterranean coast to counter a hostile naval force in coordination with the other military branches as Mohamed Naguib Military Base in Matrouh took control of the management and operations, according to a Sunday statement. The large base was inaugurated in July 2017.

The NMR raised the levels of readiness, lineup, inspection and loaded armored vehicles on tankers and railways to arrive at the designated points and deployed a thunderbolt battalion to embark on special combat mission in the strategic northern direction.

As Qader 2020 secured vital establishments at sea territorial and economic waters, an amphibious operation was launched on the Mediterranean along with the Air Force and the Air Defense Force, training on shooting torpedoes, frigates and seaborne jets. The submarine-fighting units also participated, and all the while international shipping lanes were secured in the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

Press photo of Qader 2020 drills

The Thunderbolt forces took part in Qader 2020 by lining up and loading members of Unit 999 on different types of airplanes, helicopters and hummer vehicles with the mission of taking over a beach and eliminating hostile forces.

Press photo of Qader 2020 drills



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