Awqaf Ministry holds int'l conf. on Islamic jurisprudence in mid-September


Sun, 01 Sep 2019 - 02:22 GMT

FILE: Ministry of Awqaf

FILE: Ministry of Awqaf

CAIRO - 1 September 2019: The Ministry of Awqaf's Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs will hold its 30th international conference on September 15-16 under the theme of nation-building in Islamic jurisprudence.

The conference will bring together ministers of awqaf and Islamic affairs, muftis, senior representatives of Muslim communities, besides a raft of experts from Arab, Muslim, African, and European countries.

The event is to discuss main topics connected with nation-building from an Islamic perspective, Islam's stand regarding modern and contemporary ruling systems, the negative impact of terrorism and violent extremist ideologies on nations and the pillars of building a viable modern state



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