AIESEC’s goals come in line with Egypt’s vision 2030



Fri, 20 Jul 2018 - 11:11 GMT


Fri, 20 Jul 2018 - 11:11 GMT

AIESEC’s first Egyptian global president, Abdel-Rahman Ayman addresses the International Congress of AIESEC global youth organization, held in Hurghada from 2 to 9 July- Photo Courtesy to AIESEC Facebook page

AIESEC’s first Egyptian global president, Abdel-Rahman Ayman addresses the International Congress of AIESEC global youth organization, held in Hurghada from 2 to 9 July- Photo Courtesy to AIESEC Facebook page

CAIRO – 19 July 2018: More than 700 youth from 120 countries worldwide gathered in Hurghada to attend the International Congress of AIESEC global youth organization, which kicked off in the Egyptian Red Sea city on July 2.

AIESEC hosted the International Congress for the second time in Egypt, raising the awareness of attendees from different countries all over the world about Egypt’s rich culture and hospitality, and aiming to embrace and celebrate different cultures from around the world.

The International Congress was held under the auspices of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Red Sea Governor, Ahmed Abdallah, hailed the congress' role in promoting tourism to Egypt and in strengthening the economic relation between countries.

On the sidelines of the congress, Abdel-Rahman Ayman, AIESEC’s first Egyptian global president, said that organizing the congress in Hurghada represents an ideal opportunity to promote Egypt as a perfect investment destination and a networking platform for business leaders, start-ups, and job seekers.

Ayman stated that there are around 2000 of the organization's members in Egypt, clarifying that this number is considered huge compared to other countries. “Globally, we have 50,000 members in all AIESEC countries,” he added.

On the mechanisms of applying to join AIESEC, Ayman explained that the application is submitted by students to the organization’s representatives, usually twice a year in universities, at the beginning of the first and the second semesters, or online at any time of the year on the organization’s website.

When asked about the funding sources of AIESEC inside Egypt, he stated that there is no specific funding source in Egypt and those who travel abroad cover the expenses of their trips. Moreover, the organization agreed with some reputable companies to provide training for the members of AIESEC.

“Members or applicants who join AIESEC are subject to personal interviews; it is a personal concern for any member to hold any political views as long as it is not being expressed or promoted inside or by the organization itself,” AIESEC president stated, revealing AIESEC 's approach to control political affiliation or views inside the non-politically affiliated organization.

He added that there are certain values or criteria upon which an AIESEC member is selected, and that there are a set of tests, assessments and tasks assigned for AIESEC applicants, in addition to the personal interviews that detect the skills and capabilities of the applicant. Experienced members in the organization undergo more precise tests to get promoted.

Regarding AIESEC’s voluntary programs, Ayman clarified that these programs are connected to the development programs of the United Nations in Egypt and its sustainable development plan of 2030, which work on improving education methods, encouraging youth leadership and creating equal opportunities using advanced technological methods.

“The second aspect involves providing the Egyptian youth with training opportunities in multinational companies abroad, so that they come back and benefit the country by joining the labor market and creating social awareness on sustainable entrepreneurship. The third aspect is developing entrepreneurship, and this falls under developing leadership skills for youth in general”, he said.

AIESEC boomed throughout the last five years as a result of the increased awareness of the Egyptian youth.

Ayman highlighted the non-profit organization’s expansion in Egypt; AIESEC went from being represented in three universities in 2013 to being present in almost every private and public university, in addition to its expansion across 18 cities in Egypt, over the span of three years.

Ayman also disclosed to Egypt Today the vision of AIESEC Egypt in the upcoming years; he said: “The main goal of AIESEC in Egypt is to expand its base among youth and to reach different social classes as there are certain groups that cannot bear the expenses of travelling abroad; the organization doesn’t receive funds from any political institutions so we are seeking alternative financing options”

He declared that AIESEC reached an agreement with EgyptAir last year to pay for the flight tickets of the organization's members via installments.

AIESEC is a leading global youth organization founded in 1948 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The organization has been active in Egypt since 1984 and is currently present in more than 122 countries in the world with the aim of promoting peace and developing youth capabilities worldwide. AIESEC offers three kinds of programs for youth, aging 18-30, to develop their leadership skills: the Global Volunteer, the Entrepreneur and the Talent programs.



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