TV host Khairy Ramadan released on LE 10K bail



Mon, 05 Mar 2018 - 01:23 GMT


Mon, 05 Mar 2018 - 01:23 GMT

FILE- TV host Khairy Ramadan

FILE- TV host Khairy Ramadan

CAIRO – 5 March 2018: TV host Khairy Ramadan was ordered to be released from custody after paying bail of LE 10,000 ($567) on Monday, February 5.

On Sunday night, the Cairo attorney general’s office decided to have Ramadan remanded in custody for four days

pending investigations

into the latter’s alleged insults against police forces in Egypt and spreading lies.

“I’m shocked. We will appeal the attorney general’s decision. This is a ‘public opinion case’. Ramadan’s intentions were completely good and innocent; he didn’t mean to insult anybody,” Salama said during statements to privately owned channel al-Nahar.

Salama added that he discussed the whole incident with the interior minister and that he explained many things to him. “With all my respect to the Egyptian judiciary and prosecution, I’m shocked at these decisions, and there are many legal procedures that we will take to appeal the decision. Ramadan's intentions were good and all of us are defending our country,” he stated.

Ramadan – who was celebrating the launch of his new pro-government talk show named “Misr al Naharda” (Egypt Today) through Egypt's state news television building, Maspero, on February 18 with his co-host, Rasha Nabil – told the story of a woman who had sent him a message, complaining about their difficult economic life conditions. According to his statements, the message was: “I am the wife of a police officer, and my life is [being] ruined.”

“This is not just a one-officer problem, but it’s a general issue all police officers struggle with,” Ramadan said. He added that after reading the letter, he asked to meet her, which happened later.

During their meeting, the anonymous wife told Ramadan details about her social life conditions, which caused other officers to feel embarrassed. “She took a lot of time to start talking to me, but later she said that they had to move their two children from a private school to a public one because of the high expenses,” Ramadan said.

Revealing many details of the story put Ramadan in hot water, and he is facing a wave of anger from the Interior Ministry and police officers’ families, who issued a formal complaint against him.



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