150K citizens sign for ‘To Build It’ in Fayoum


Mon, 16 Oct 2017 - 08:05 GMT

Photo of members of the campaign photo file

Photo of members of the campaign photo file

CAIRO – 16 October 2017: Fayoum governorate launched a campaign to collect the signatures of Egyptians demanding that President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi run for a second term.

The Mostaqbal Watan (Homeland Future) political party printed one million application forms for the residents of Fayoum governorate and collected 150,000 signatures up to date.

The campaign received a large turnout from the citizens of Fayoum in the first days, and more signatures will be collected from all villages, cities and centers of Fayoum.

Photo of members of the campaign photo file
Collecting signatures will keep going on as presidential elections are approaching, as they are set to be held as soon as May. However, no single potential candidate announced she/he would run for office.

The main reasons behind supporting President Sisi for another term boils down to the continuation of the mega projects, development of the country’s infrastructure, preservation of the national security, enhancement of educational systems and counterterrorism, businessman and parliamentarian Mohamed Shaaban told Egypt Today.

Photo of members of the campaign photo file
Campaign member Hazem Tawfik, Ph.D, said that negative responses stem only from the hike in prices of goods and services due to the ongoing economic reform measures, and that volunteers can only remind and explain such citizens that “we all have to pay the price to achieve development through mega and infrastructure projects.”



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