Egypt’s support coalition election heads 3rd parliament round



Mon, 02 Oct 2017 - 08:15 GMT


Mon, 02 Oct 2017 - 08:15 GMT

Egypt’s support coalition held its General Assembly - File photo

Egypt’s support coalition held its General Assembly - File photo

CAIRO – 2 October 2017: Egypt’s support coalition held on Sunday its General Assembly to announce the result of its internal election in a hotel in Cairo to enter a new phase before the third round of the parliament.

The General Assembly reached the quorum to a vote by 75 percent to announce a new phrase of the coalition with a new vision within the parliament.

The meeting pointed out the win of Mohamed El-Sewedy as president, for the second time, Ahmed Zidan for youth and Fathy Tarek for Public Figure.

Taher Abu Zaid opened the meeting stating that Egypt’s support coalition was born to last forever adding we have base to build on.

For his Part, coalition president, Mohamed El-Sewedy, said that the coalition faced a lot of challenges in the last period due to the critical situation and difficult economic state which Egypt face.

“We will our best to cooperate with the government to skip this difficult period and we know well the problems of the Egyptian people and will work to solve these problems,” added El-Sewedy.


In the same context, Mohamed Abu Hamed, well known politician and parliament stated to Egypt Today that the Parliament still has a lot to do in the third round adding we have to discuss and finish the economic subjects.

“Our priority this period to achieve labor and solidarity law and complete the economic reform plan to promote Egypt from this difficult situation adding that his message to the Egyptian people is to bear this period and trust in our wise leadership,” read Abu Hamed.


In the same context, security expert Parliament, Hamada al-Kest, said that we must cooperate with our country to overcome these serious challenges by rationalizing adding that there are a lot of customs within the Egyptian community need to be changed.


“Parliament role are legislation and monitoring and we are not here to personal benefits and we all must join forces to face terrorism and exetresim for our country,” added al-Kest.

The House of Representatives will convene on Monday, October 2 for the Parliament’s third consecutive round as part of its first legislative round.





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