Observatory warns of incitement against Muslims in Europe


Fri, 18 Aug 2017 - 03:00 GMT

Dar Al-Iftaa (House of Iftaa) - File Photo

Dar Al-Iftaa (House of Iftaa) - File Photo

CAIRO - 18 August 2017: The far-right groups in Europe might exploit Barcelona's van attack for incitement against Muslim communities there, the Islamophobia observatory of Egypt's Darul-Iftaa warned.

In a statement on Friday, the observatory stressed that Muslim communities in the West are part and parcel of the Western communities.

Terrorist groups, such as Daesh, have nothing to do with Islam and seek to distort the image of Islam abroad, the statement read.

Islam prohibits all forms of bloodshed and killing of innocent people, the statement added.

The ramming attack left 13 people dead and 50 others wounded.



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