Jordan bans departure of Israeli embassy guard who killed civilian



Mon, 24 Jul 2017 - 10:16 GMT


Mon, 24 Jul 2017 - 10:16 GMT

Policemen are seen near the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan July 23, 2017. REUTERS/ Stringer NO RESALES

Policemen are seen near the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan July 23, 2017. REUTERS/ Stringer NO RESALES

CAIRO – 24 July 2017: Jordan issued on Monday a court order to prevent the departure of the Israeli embassy security guard to Tel-Aviv after killing two Jordanians on Sunday.

The Israeli Army Radio station said on Monday that this order would cause a crisis in relations between Amman and Tel Aviv.

The Jordanian authorities demanded an investigation with the Israeli security guard, which Israel refused under claims that he has diplomatic immunity. All employees have been confined to the embassy compound and Israel decided to immediately evacuate all the staff in fear that the incidents would be repeated, according to Maan news.

Two Jordanian carpenters arrived on Sunday at an apartment in the residential complex used by the Israeli embassy in the Jordanian capital Amman to replace furniture.

Israel forced an overnight media ban, which was lifted on Monday Morning. The Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Emmanual Nahshon, said in a statement on Monday that one of the workers stabbed the guard with a screwdriver when the guard opened fire and killed him and shot to death the Jordanian owner of the building who was present at the scene. According to the statement a third Jordanian worker was released Monday morning.

The Jordanian General Security Administration said that the circumstances surrounding the incident are still being investigated, and did not mention that a Jordanian carpenter had attacked an Israeli.

On Sunday night, an Israeli embassy security guard shot and killed two Jordanians in Amman under unclear circumstances. Jordanian media described the incident as a personal dispute and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Israeli guard was defending himself from a politically motivated attack. Furthermore, the Israeli authorities have been treating the incident as a possible attack in retaliation to rising tensions in occupied East Jerusalem.

On Sunday night, dozens of the Jordanian carpenter family members gathered in Amman to protest his death, demanding that the Jordanian government release all details of the investigation and punish the shooter, according to Maan News.

On Friday, three Palestinian were killed by Israeli forces during demonstrations against the Israeli alleged security measures at Al-Aqsa Mosque including the installation of metal detectors at the entrances of the Mosque. Mass protests staged in Amman in solidarity with Palestinians and Jerusalem.

The Israeli Cabinet is meeting on Monday to discuss Al-Aqsa crisis and the Israeli-Jordanian tensions following the last incident at the Israeli embassy in Jordan.

Jordan is appointed as the Waqf Muslim Trust that administers the compound ‎and Al-Aqsa Mosque under the Jordanian-Israeli peace agreement ‘Wadi Araba.’ ‎



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