Pass rates for Egypt’s Thanaweya Amma students exceed 75%: Education min.



Sat, 06 Aug 2022 - 01:02 GMT


Sat, 06 Aug 2022 - 01:02 GMT

FILE - A student taking an exam in Egypt

FILE - A student taking an exam in Egypt

CAIRO – 6 August 2022: Pass average rates of Thanaweya Amma (high school) students at the final exams for the school year 2021/2022 hit 75.4 percent, a higher rate than the past year’s 74%, Minister of Education Tarek Shawki said.

In a press conference on Saturday, Shawki noted that the highest rates of success were among the students of the mathematics section with 81 percent, followed by the science section at 78.32 percent and then literature section at 68 percent.

Shawki stated that no student has obtained the perfect score of 100 percent through this academic year, noting that the top score among students in the science, mathematics, and literature branches were 402, 407, and 378 respectively.

Also, the top score among students with disabilities was 399 out of 410, according to the minister.

Students during this year and the previous year have been obtaining lower grades due to the new education system, which targets training Thanaweya Amma students on thinking rather than memorizing during exams.

Hundreds of thousands of students have joined the Thanaweya Amma this year. The Thanaweya Amma system qualifies students to join universities according to their section of study.

Top ranking students in the science section usually join the faculties of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, while those in the mathematics section usually join the engineering faculties.

Top ranking students at the literature section usually join the faculties of political science and economics, mass communication, and Alsun (languages).

However, Egypt has established a number of new non-profit public universities specialized in new sciences, including artificial intelligence, nationwide with the aim of preparing students for future job opportunities.



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