What you need to know about Egypt’s unprecedented achievements in health insurance system



Sat, 14 May 2022 - 01:24 GMT


Sat, 14 May 2022 - 01:24 GMT

Medical healthcare - PIXABAY

Medical healthcare - PIXABAY

CAIRO – 14 May 2022: The Egyptian state attaches great importance to the health sector, by launching a package of urgent health services to bridge the gap in services that faced shortages.

The Egyptian state has been keen to work in two directions in the health file for Egyptians. The first is the rehabilitation and development of the health infrastructure to keep pace with the development in the performance of the health service through the application of the new comprehensive health insurance system.

The second is the application of internationally adopted quality standards in order to achieve patients’ satisfaction with the service.

The state allocated L.E. 270 billion (from the state's general budget) during the period (18/19-20/21) for health programs, with a growth rate of 70 percent compared to the previous three years.


The development aspects were:


-       Establishing and developing 113 hospitals, adding 5937 beds in government hospitals, in addition to establishing and developing 143 ambulance check points on the road.


-    Developing 171 hospitals and family medicine centers, and equipping 203 medical facilities in accordance with quality standards in the field of comprehensive health insurance.


-       Elimination of Hepatitis C by examining 50 million citizens, and treating 1.2 million infected citizens.


-    A total of 23,906,809 women have been examined, as part of the initiative to support the health of Egyptian women, since its launch in July 2019, to include examination and awareness-raising for women free of charge, starting from the age of 18.


-    Examination of 1.1 million pregnant women under the initiative to care for the health of women and the infant.


-       Elimination of waiting lists by completing the treatment of the first stage cases, and performing 885,000 various surgeries.


-       Detection of chronic diseases and kidney disease, by examining 25 million citizens, developing 180 dialysis units, and providing 2,600 dialysis devices.


-    A total of 14.3 million citizens benefited from medical services at state's expense.



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