Biden extends gratitude to Sisi for ‘critical role’ reaching ceasefire in Gaza



Thu, 20 May 2021 - 11:15 GMT


Thu, 20 May 2021 - 11:15 GMT

CAIRO – 20 May 2021: The U.S. President Joe Biden said Thanked Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah al Sisi and the efforts exerted by the Egyptian Senior politician to reach a ceasefire in Gaza during remarks, Thursday night from the White house.

“I extend my sincere gratitude to president al Sisi and the Senior Egyption officials who played such a critical role in this diplomacy”, Biden said.

He I also added that he “appreciates the contributions of other parties in the region who have been engaged in working toward the end of hostilities.”

“These hostilities have resulted in the tragic deaths of so many civilians, including Children. And I send my sincere condolences to all the families, Israeli and Palestinian who have lost loved ones and my hope for a full recovery for the wounded” Biden said.


He noted that he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu six times over the last 11 days. He also spoke with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and other diplomatic parties.

Biden highlighted in his short speech the efforts done during the past 11 days saying that they have held “intensive high level discussions hour by hour, literally. Egypt, the Palestinian authority and other Middle Eastern countries with the name of avoiding the sort of prolonged conflict we've seen in previous years When the hostilities have broken out”

He affirmed that the United States committed to working with the United Nations and remain committed to work with the United Nations and other international stakeholders to provide rapid humanitarian assistance and the marshal international support for the people of Gaza.

“I believe the Palestinians and Israelis equally deserve to live safely and securely and to enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity and democracy.” The U.S. president concluded.

Cairo succeeded, Thursday to secure ceasefire in Gaza. The mutually-agreed suspension of fire come into force at the early hours of May 21.

Two Egyptian security delegations will be dispatched to Tel Aviv and Palestinian territories to follow up the with the ceasefire implementation and maintain the stability of the situation inside the strip.

Regional and international parties welcomed the ceasefire that was reached as a result of the Egyption efforts exerted during the past period.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry on Wednesday said in statements to CNN that Egypt is working to reach a ceasefire in the Palestinian territories to avert more escalation of conflict there.

The Egyptian foreign minister added that Egypt is contacting all parties concerned to discuss the current situation in the territories.

Shoukry pointed out that he contacted his Israeli and US counterparts Gabi Ashkenazi and Antony Blinken along with European foreign ministers over the situation in the Palestinian territories.

Egypt is consulting closely with the Israeli side, Palestinian Authority and Hamas regarding the crisis, he said.

Egypt has taken political and diplomatic steps to encourage ceasefire, condemn the Israeli aggression, and support the Palestinian’s legitimate rights.

Since May 7, Israeli forces in the West Bank and Jerusalem have been engaged in clashes with civilians who were protesting forced displacement, particularly from Sheikh Jarrah eastern Jerusalem, and assaults on worshippers in Al Aqsa Mosque. And, since May 10, Israel has been shelling and carrying out airstrikes against Gaza Strip. The aggression has thus far incurred 236 deaths and 6,278 injuries, as reported by the Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA).

The strikes also caused the destruction of more than 200 residential units in Gaza Strip and 31 educational establishments, including schools, colleges, and vocational training centers. According to the United Nations, 40,000 Palestinians got displaced – mainly from the North to the South – while 2,500 lost their homes.





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